Static Hex Dreamily

by Three Eyes

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released 10 July 2013



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Three Eyes California

Three Eyes is the moniker of San Diego native Jewel Marsh. With electronic & hip-hop serving as its musical foundation, other influences shine through, like doo wop, reggae, dream pop, and electro-funk, resulting in cosmic melting pot of sound. Relying more on texture and build than on a drop, Three Eyes makes music that is highly unique and hard to forget. ... more

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Track Name: Stranger
Hope don't wash up on my shore
Luck has turned her back once more
Fear you lock behind my bedroom door
Condescending eyes you wore

Much too far gone
Normal lives carry on

Lately I've been strange
Don't play this human game
Words for deaf ears
They used to be so clear
Forgotten son
Gregor you have become
And now the tears
One for each wasted year
Track Name: Aphelia
Spatial amnesia
Over my head
Fate's melancholia
Often unsaid
Track Name: Sheep's Clothing
Oh sister vain
I think I've been found out
It's salt to the would
Feel's like I'm done for
You set the stage
I'll pretend that I'm an actor
And how they love me
I'll always wear my face
Follow me down
These matters of the heart
It's just another game now
You can find your way around
I'm fine living without it
But we all need something
I don't really mind waiting
She may come
She may go
I'll always be in love
Track Name: Witiko
It's closing time
The lights go out discreetly
Find your own way out
This love lost around me
How is it real?
Am I lost in here?
I miss the point
'Cuz this ain't what I'm seeking
All have let me down
And what I've done just by speaking
More, still want more
Just a weakling

Where you go I will find you
Track Name: With Fear I Rest My Shoulders
With fear I find my shelter
In fear I hold myself so tight
Stay here
I don't wanna see
Oh my fear, It keeps the light from me
With fear I rest my shoulders
To fear I say my prayers at night
I'm not here
And after all I've said
On fear, at night I lay my head
Track Name: Today
Darker than before
It shone like the sun
When two became one
Master to all but yourself
It can't be outrun
Oh this world weighs a ton

Set sail today
You know the time is right
There is no end in sight
Forget yesterday
It cannot hurt you now
Unless you show it how
Track Name: What To Do While Dying
Heard it all before
Like waves on the shore
You I still adore
Dreams I can't ignore

I will find my way to the sea everyday
This vessel knows that I sail for you
and your dreams; all those we still cling to

knock upon my door
All that's left is yours
Still you I adore
My heart won't keep score
Leave me wanting more
Track Name: A Greater Mystery
Come undone
Surround yourself with nothing at all
And you will find me
I don't have what you want to hear
All the world is listening to you now
Choose to be
The essence of impossibility
You're not taken for granted
Wait and see
Find yourself a greater mystery
We'll meet in Valhalla someday...
Track Name: Encyclopedias
Memories of the fall
All alone
No I won't stop bringing it to life
Stand up nice and tall
You're a man now
Never knew how to act like I cared

Refer, don't depend
And you'll learn to be so patient
Willing participant
Deviant academia
Sovereign encyclopedia!